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tv   Today  NBC  April 30, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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hey, that's what's happening "today in the bay". we're back at 7:25. >> join us for our midday forecast at 11:00. thanks so much for starting your morning right here with us. good morning. terror plot. the fbi stops a u.s. army veteran and alleged isis sympathizer accused of planning a large-scale attack in los angeles. >> law enforcement was able to identify a man consumed with hate and bent on mass murder. >> this morning, insidthe undercover sting that led authorities to the suspect. target: trump. joe biden holds his first campaign rally and sets his sights on the president. >> choose hope over fear, unity over division, and maybe most importantly, truth over lies. >> the president quick to respond.
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what the latest polls are showing, just ahead. evil and despicable. the parents of the alleged california synagogue shooter condemning their own son. the community gathers to mourn the victim, and the suspect faces a judge later today. plus, the world's most-wanted man. the new video apparently showing the mysterious leader of isis for the first time in five years. remembering john singleton. a look back at the life of the trail-blazing director who changed hollywood, gone too soon. and spies not like us. a beluga whale found strapped with a strange device. is russia training a new type of secret agent? today, tuesday, april 30th, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hi, everybody. good morning. welcome to "today." nice to have you with us on a
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tuesday morning. and a lot of us are thinking about john singleton. we remember "boys in the hood," and he kind of splashed onto the scene. he was such a young man. it's hard to believe he's gone. >> hard to believe that he died yesterday at the age of 51. leaves behind four kids. a game-changer in hollywood. a game-changer culturally as well. we'll have more on his life, his legacy, in just a few minutes. let's get right to our top story. a southern california man behind bars this morning, and he's accused of plotting to carry out a terror attack in southern california. police say he also expressed his support for isis. an army veteran. turns out, the fbi had been watching him very closely. nbc justice correspondent pete williams has the latest. pete, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, savannah. the fbi says this 26-year-old man who did serve some time in the army was arrested when he accepted what he thought were powerful working bombs, but what he didn't know is that they were duds made by the fbi. the fbi says this was to be the target, a park at long beach, where a white supremacist rally
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was planned for last weekend. federal prosecutors say 26-year-old mark steven domingo, an army vet who served four months in afghanistan, scouted the area looking for where he thought the biggest crowds would gather. >> he was taken into custody after he took receipt of what he thought were pressure cooker bombs. and after he traveled to long beach to survey the site. >> reporter: investigators say the fbi became aware of him in early march because of his postings in an online private message group, which said he wanted to retaliate for the shooting free at mosques in new zealand that killed 50 people, writing "there must be retribution for our fallen brothers and sisters." prosecutors say domingo talked for weeks with someone he thought was like-minded but was actually an fbi undercover operative. they say he praised isis and said he wanted to shoot police officers in their patrol cars or set off a bomb on an l.a. freeway or at the crowded santa monica pier before settling on long beach as his target for a bomb attack.
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court documents say he told the undercover fbi operative he wanted to build a bomb, but added, "i just don't know how. i failed chemistry." but investigators say he bought several boxes of nails that he wanted to be used as shrapnel in a bomb. he appeared briefly in federal court monday to be formally charged. his lawyer had no comment after the hearing. >> so, pete, i guess i understand it from the court documents, this suspect had expressed sympathy for isis or inspiration by isis, but is there any evidence that he actually was connected to isis in any way? >> no, apparently not. the investigators say it doesn't appear to be something inspired by any foreign terror group. now, the fbi says domingo told the undercover operative that he admired the isis leader, al baghdadi, and said if isis ever came to the u.s., he would swear allegiance to it. he'll be back in court in another month. >> by the way, that isis leader has actually come out with a new video. we're going to have a story on that in a minute. pete, thank you. now to the war of words
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between president trump and the newest challenger in the democratic presidential race, joe biden. the former vice president taking direct aim once again during his first rally as a 2020 candidate. nbc's andrea mitchell has more on that. andrea, good morning. >> good morning, craig. joe biden in battleground pennsylvania, trying to prove that he can win back the union workers in rust belt states who defected from the democratic ranks to elect donald trump. >> if i'm going to be able to beat donald trump in 2020, it's going to happen here. it's going to happen here in western pennsylvania. >> reporter: joe biden at the first rally of his 2020 campaign, surrounded by labor union supporters in battleground pennsylvania. >> i make no apologies. i am a union man. period. >> reporter: laying down a marker against president trump, whose win in pennsylvania helped seal his victory over hillary clinton. >> he's the only president who's decided not to represent the whole country.
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the president has his base. we need a president who works for all americans. >> reporter: repudiating the president's character and leadership. >> we democrats and we independents who have the same view have to choose hope over fear, unity over division, and maybe most importantly, truth over lies. truth over lies. >> reporter: president trump, who's long viewed the former vice president as his toughest potential opponent, taunting biden with four tweets in just 23 minutes, repeatedly calling him sleepy joe. before challenging the president, biden has to win the nomination. in an increasingly progressive field. clearly trying to outflank bernie sanders, even sounding like sanders while slamming the trump corporate tax cut. >> i'm going to change that so millionaires and billionaires don't pay lower taxes than firefighters, teachers -- the country wasn't built by wall street bankers, ceos and hedge fund managers. it was built by you!
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it was built by the great american middle class. >> reporter: biden is still facing criticism for how anita hill was treated during the clarence thomas hearings, which biden chaired, now trying to put that controversy to rest in an interview with abc news. >> i believed her from the very beginning, but i was chairman. she did not get a fair hearing. she did not get treated well. that's my responsibility. >> and andrea, i understand that there's some new polling just out this morning, and it shows some good news for joe biden. what more do we know about that? >> it does, indeed. in a cnn poll, biden got a nice bump today over bernie sanders. this is the first poll since his rollout. he's especially strong with african-american women, and that's a key block of democratic primary voters. does give him front-runner status for now, but you know, that can be a dangerous place to be this early with so many people going after you in a crowded primary race. >> all right, andrea, thank you. the alleged gunman in that horrific attack at a synagogue outside san diego is set to make his first court appearance
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today. and for the first time, his parents are speaking out. they are expressing their shock and their sadness. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer's got the latest for us. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. the alleged shooter a teenager, will be in court lat on today. he faces one count of murder and three counts of attempted murder. in addition, he's been charged with an arson at a nearby mosque back in march, this as the nearby community mourns together. outrage and anguish at the funeral of lori gilbert kaye, the 60-year-old wife and mother gunned down during a passover service at the chabad synagogue. >> these hate-filled movements have no place on earth and no place in the united states of america. >> reporter: her husband, howard, a physician, performed cpr on lori, not knowing who the victim was, then fainted when he realized it was his beloved wife. >> and lori gave her life, and she sacrificed her life. >> reporter: this morning, bullet holes still riddle the
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door the alleged gunman, 19-year-old john earnest, blasted through. rabbi yisroel goldstein was shot in the hand. >> little children were there. they're not supposed to grow up with fear. they're never going to forget the gunshots that they heard at the synagogue. >> reporter: police say the gunman walked right through that door and into this room and suddenly began to open fire. survivors say he never said a word and simply stopped shooting because his weapon appeared to jam. earnest, a nursing student and a musician with no prior record, was taken into custody after he called 911. before the shooting, he posted that hate was his motive on 8chan, an anonymous website used by extremists, generally white nationalists like the mosque shooter in new zealand. the fbi confirms it received a tip about a threatening post minutes before the attack. in a statement, earnest's parents say they're shocked and saddened by their son's attack -- "to our great shame,
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he is now part of the history of evil that has been perpetrated on jewish people for centuries. how our son was attracted to such darkness is a terrifying mystery to us." now, as the investigation deepens -- >> think of lori with a big smile. >> reporter: -- this community mourns the loss of a cherished woman, so full of life. when earnest is back in court later on today, it's unclear if his parents, including his father, who is an elder at an orthodox church, will be here in attendance. meantime, we also spoke to a friend of the suspect. he said the suspect had many jewish friends in high school. guys, back to you. >> miguel almaguer, thank you. now to a newly released video from the propaganda wing of isis, and it appears to show its secretive leader for the first time in five years. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel joins us with more on that from london. richard, good morning. >> so, the isis leader is breaking his silence, and u.s. intelligence officials are still
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working to confirm the authenticity of this video, but so far, they are not doubting it. and right now, this morning, u.s. intelligence officials are going through every single frame, every word choice, every shadow, every edit in this video, to try to determine where the isis leader is and his intentions. he's been reported injured, sick, even dead, but this new video released by isis appears to show the group's shadowy leader, abu bakr al baghdadi healthy and still in charge. the timing is no accident. it's baghdadi's first message since isis lost on the battlefield. after last month, u.s. and kurdish forces drove isis out of its last stronghold in syria. the stinging military defeat and the capture of thousands of isis fighters and tens of thousands of their family members was a humiliation for isis. these people came from around the world to join the islamic
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state and stuck with it to the very end. they were promised they were taking part in an islamic utopia that was winning, that was spreading, and which, certainly, wouldn't end like this, with its most ardent supporters now destitute in the desert, defeated. in this latest message, baghdadi told supporters not to lose hope, that he hasn't forgotten them, and that isis' jihad now will be a long war of attrition. it's a very different tone from the last time baghdadi was seen on tape. that was five years ago. back then, baghdadi was triumphant. isis was storming through iraq and syria, and baghdadi declared himself the leader of his so-called islamic state. now he's a fugitive without any territory, but that doesn't mean isis is no longer dangerous. the group claimed responsibility for the easter sunday attacks that killed hundreds in sri lanka. the latest isis video mentions
7:13 am
that attack but doesn't show baghdadi on camera during that part of the video, suggesting it may have been added later. >> so, richard, you mentioned that stinging military defeat recently. what is isis trying to accomplish by releasing this video now? >> well, at its most basic, this is a proof of life. after it lost on the battlefield, the isis leader wants to show people that he is still around, that he is still alive. but it also is isis' attempt to reinvent itself. isis said it was an islamic state, it was a place. and now, baghdadi is saying isis will continue to carry out attacks even without having that territory. and i think it's an important message that u.s. intelligence officials are going to be looking very closely at. >> also partly sounds like a pep talk to a losing team. richard engel in london. >> absolutely. >> thank you. the number of measles cases nationwide is still growing this morning. according to the latest number from the cdc, there are 704
7:14 am
confirmed cases in 22 states. that is the highest mark in 25 years. health officials say the situation is going to get worse before it gets better, too. they are reminding people that the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine is safe and effective. most of these cases are in pockets of unvaccinated people in orthodox jewish communities in new york city and also nearby rockland county. 7:14 now, seems like a good time to get a first check of the forecast. hey, there, mr. roker. >> hey, there, craig. and thank you for getting your first weather from us. and look at this map! we've got severe storms ahead of this system. a lot of snow behind it. and we're almost at may, tomorrow, may 11st. 21 million people at risk from central texas all the way into central illinois, and this system isn't going to be moving that much. look at this. we still have tomorrow. 18 million people at risk for damaging winds, hail, possibility of tornadoes from san antonio all the way into southern missouri. here's what we're looking at, this stationary front. it's not really moving all that much. and so, we're going to see a strong to severe storm risk
7:15 am
through the midsection of the country, into the northwest -- i should say into the midwest. we're looking at central rain and storms. flash flooding is expected to continue. and then thursday, this continues to move to the east. this is a slow-moving system, so there will be new areas at risk for flash flooding. in fact, we've got a very moderate risk of flash flooding down through the midplains. we're looking at numerous storms throughout the day, heavy rain, downpours. airport delays from minneapolis today. chicago, st. louis, kansas city, dallas-ft. worth and denver. and as far as the roads are concerned, the interstates, i-90 from chicago to billings for rain and snow, minneapolis to dallas for heavy thunderstorms. oklahoma city to st. louis on i-44 going to have some major problems. and snow around the rockies all the way out to st. louis, i-70 for strong storms and heavy rain. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it's going to be a really nice day. our skies clear out fairly quickly. we do have breezy winds and high temperatures into the low 60s for the coast. in san francisco, 66 in oakland today. and some low 70s for the inland areas. so nice and seasonable temperatures today but it will be warming up throughout the rest of the week. upper 70s by friday. we will cool off this weekend and there will be a slight chance of rain by late sunday. and that's your latest weather, craig. >> all right. al, thank you. coming up, overnight tributes to ground breaking director john
7:17 am
singleton. we're going to take a look back at his trail blazing career, the unforgettable movies that helped redefine american pop culture. the mystery surrounding a beluga whale spotting wearing what appeared to be a russian made harness. could this whale be a spy? it's a serious question, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up this morning, a very personal graduation speech and it's gone viral this morning. one student's surprising revelation during his college commencement address. also ahead, star power times two on in studio 1 a, charlize theron, and seth rogan stopping by to tell us about their new film, and we are celebrating one of savannah's favorite films. >> say anything, 30 year anniversary. i hold up my boom box and we're going to have one of your stars right here after a check of your
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good morning. 7:26. i'm marcus washington. the wait this morning finally open for the long-awaited ghost ship trial criminal trial. opening statements are expected today after the judge seated jurors yesterday. it is made up of nine women, three men. there is set to be a mix of blue and white collar workers of various ages. they could face up to 39 years behind bars. last year each defendant agreed to a no contest plea. the judge later overruled that after victims's relatives called the deal too lenient. a look at your weather for this morning. kari? >> it is breezy outside.
7:27 am
the flag waving in fremont. not only is it breezy, but we have had a few clouds. it's a cool start. it will be a really nice day. once all those clouds get out of here, highs reaching into the low 70s for the inland areas. low six for the coast. breezy and cool 69 in half moon bay. a little bit of a warmup going into the end of the week. the weekend, though, temperatures dipping once again as the storm system passes nearby, a flight chance of rain sunday into monday. i'll be watching that. head over to mike for an update on the commute. overall, not bad. a crash 880 at industrial on the hayward side of the nimitz. more slowing expected there. recovery on the other side. peninsula north 101, the earlier crash cleared just after 7:00. so about 20, 25 minutes of recovery. slow through san mateo. darn it. covered with the 17 shield. here we have a crash in the
7:28 am
h.o.v. lanes. watch for slowing as you approach. back to you. >> thanks, mike. another local news update in 30 minutes. we're always on
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7:30 now, monday morning. a pretty day. last day of april 2019, and that camera is baby watch windsor castle. we have our eyes peeled for any sign of the newest royal's arrival. we will head there live for a report on what's happening. great expectations for sure. let's start with a check of today's headlines on this tuesday. and we begin with that foiled terror plot. a u.s. army veteran arrested for planning a large-scale attack near los angeles. 26-year-old mark steven domingo taken into custody when he accepted what he thought were pressure cooker bombs. they were actually duds made by
7:31 am
the fbi. officials say domingo's target was a park at long beach where a white supremacist rally was planned. the fbi became aware of it last month because of his postings on on online message board where he said he wanted to retaliate for last month's shootings at mosques in new zealand. rod rosenstein submitted his letter of resignation to president trump on monday ending his two-year stint at the department of justice. his resignation was expected. he said he long planned to leave his post once the special counsel robert mueller's investigation was complete. his successor is deputy transportation secretary jeffrey rosen. some tense moments monday outside a california shopping mall. check this out. after a mountain lion showed up just outside a macy's store in santa rosa. eventually, the big cat, he found a comfy spot in a planter box. he hung out for a while until fish and wildlife officers showed up. they tranquilized the animal,
7:32 am
took it to a remote area and released him back into the wild. hollywood is remembering a trail blazing figure. >> john singleton died monday at just 51 after suffering a stroke and the history-making director who burst on the scene with his powerful debut boy sco"boyz n t" is being celebrated for the indelible mark he left on his craft and the american culture. it was one of those rare films that both reflected and defined the times. >> they don't know, don't show, and don't care about what's going on in the hood. >> 1991's "boyz n the hood" about three teenagers growing up during the drug and gang violence in south central l.a. >> we got a problem here. >> the movie a critical and commercial hit, given a 20-minute standing ovation at the cancnes film festival. the youngest and first
7:33 am
african-american to be oscar nominated for best director and best original screen play. >> think, young brother, about your future. >> i think i came along at the right time and moment in history. >> singleton died monday at 51. his family taking him off life support after suffering a stroke earlier this month. director, producer, and screenwriter, actor samuel jackson tweeting overnight, he blaze the trail for many young filmmakers. rest in peace, brother. gone way too soon. janet jackson posting, you gave me my first movie role, first oscar nomination and so much more. i will miss you, john. >> listen to me closely. i'll tell you what i know. >> that role in 1993's poetic justice, a film that helped introduce a young tupac shakur to a mainstream audience. >> what's your name? >> lucky. >> lucky? >> in all, singleton directed
7:34 am
more than ten films from grou groundbreaking films like "higher learning" like the 2000 remake of "shaft" and "2 fast 2 furious." singleton talking about his career here on "today" back in 1993. >> my goals are just to make films that, you know, have a lot of heart and that people can identify with. >> more recently, singleton focused on television, directing episodes of shows including "empire" and "billions." he cocreated the fx series "snowfall," a look at the crack cocaine epidemic in the 1980s in lang. >> you've got to learn. >> his family releasing a statement on monday honoring the director saying in part, john passed away peacefully surrounded by his family and friends. we again want to thank all of john's fans, friends and colleagues for all the love and support. among the tributes that poured
7:35 am
in overnight one from another legendary filmmaker, your friend spike lee putting this on instagram. i will forever miss my brother john singleton. we met while he was a film student at usc. with his passion, his heart, the way he talked about his love for cinema and black folks i could see john would make it. he told a story, back in the '80s he was working on a movie, he said, hey, i'm going to film school in two weeks. keep an eye out. i'll be back. his cinematic debut was "boyz n the hood." >> that's amazing. when you look at the car careee that hener churd, a generation of actors and actresses that owe their career to him. >> leaves behind four children. we will take a turn at 7:35. a check of our weather. >> let's see what's going on temperature-wise. the system basically keeping our storm systems not moving much is the same thing that's bringing this divide of temperatures. springfield in the southeast but
7:36 am
chilly highs out into the plains. salt lake city about 12 degrees cooler than average. rapid city 27. chicago only 46 degrees today. that's 17 degrees below average. nashville flirting with 90 degrees. mobile, alabama, 84. boston 50 degrees. that's 13 degrees cooler. stays cool in new england but d.c. will pop up tomorrow to 73. louisville 85. north platte 15 degrees colder than normal with temperatures in the low 50s. warm air in the southeast. cool in new england and the plains and the midwest stay good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it's a cloudy start to the day, especially near the coast. we will have breezy winds and skies clearing out pretty quickly today as our temperatures warm up into the low 70s in the inen land areas. low 60s for san francisco. going into the forecast, we're in for a warming trend going into the middle to end of this
7:37 am
week. we'll be close to 80 on friday. then a cooldown on sunday as a new storm system approaches the bay area. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you so much. coming up, two good ones this morning. charlize theron and seth rogan will be here live. they will talk about teaming up for their new movie. royal baby watchers on high alert. but how will we know when he or she arrives? we are live at windsor castle with at least the answer to that. we are celebrating "say anything," a big anniversary for this beloved movie, and we have a very special guest. up next though, a bizarre story of mystery and intrigue. could that beluga whale, could that whale be a spy for the russian military? russian military? fi
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we are back with "in depth today." favorite story of the morning. bizarre deep sea mystery. >> a seemingly tame beluga whale spotted off the coast of more norway. some believe this whale is being used to gather intelligence for the russians. nbc's stephanie gosk has the story and why there is this suspicion about this whale. >> it sounds like something out of a cold war spy novel. according to reports the while whale wearing a strange harness appeared to be harassing boats in the arctic. now there is speculation it may have been trained by the russian military.
7:42 am
>> reporter: this morning there is something fishy going on off the coast of norway. this white beluga whale was spotted wearing a harness that appears to be a camera mount. the straps on the harness also had a logo reading in english "equipment st. petersburg." a group of scientists that helped remove the harness believe without much evidence that this beluga could be part of a russian navy project to use whales for reconnaissance. >> you can't write this stuff. it's just completely bizarre. >> reporter: according to local norweigian reports, the fisherman that found the beluga said it seemed tame as it repeatedly nudged their boats. >> this whale did not seem to have hostile intent, was eager to interact with humans and whether that was food related or just part of its social makeup and interaction, natural curiosity. beluga whales are known for this. >> reporter: if russia was training marine mammals to work as deep sea spies, it wouldn't
7:43 am
be the first time. the cold war era soviet union had a program to train seals and dolphins to detect underwater weapons. the u.s. military also has its own history training sea mammals. starting in the 1960s, sea lions were used to dive deep and recover objects while dolphins with their powerful sonar were used to detect explosives. >> these creatures are sophisticated, highly evolved, and in some cases very intelligent. in the case of the beluga whale, their communication skills are very sophisticated. >> reporter: could beluga wales be part of a new underwater spy ring? it's very likely we'll never know for sure. >> here is the thing. i mean, if this was part of some sort of sophisticated spy mission, would the russians attach a harness that said made in st. petersburg in english to the whale? >> you don't think that's good spy practice? >> i get your skepticism.
7:44 am
i get it. norway borders russia to the north. it's very close to one of their most important naval bases. you know, was this whale on the cusp of uncovering critical u.s. naval secrets? probably not. the russians, not surprisingly, are not commenting on this. >> maybe they were testing them out or something? >> testing the waters? >> or it could be a moby trick. >> yes. >> did you get it? >> i got it. >> moby dick. >> i know. >> steph, thank you. >> i know, just because there are so many good ones. up next, a college graduate's bold move going viral. what he revealed during his commencement speech that commencement speech that surprised the oh my gocongratulations! oh my god! is this for real? its 32 lbs! 168 lbs! 55.4 lbs! do you feel healthier on ww?
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7:48 am
we're back. 7:48. dylan joins us. we move to an unexpected moment during a graduation ceremony at brigham young university getting a lot of attention this morning. >> one of the mormon school's valedictorians used his speech to proudly reveal he is gay. here is nbc's joe fryer.
7:49 am
>> i begin by saying congratulations. >> reporter: at first this commencement speech captured on shaky cell phone video and delivered by matt easton may have sounded like others you heard until the four-minute mark. >> i stand before my family, friends, and graduating class to say i am glad to be a gay son of god. >> reporter: coming out is hard enough its own, yet he did it in front of thousands of people at a school founded by the mormon church. for this valedictorian, there was no better stage to deliver his message. >> i am not perfect. i am loved. >> reporter: the speech was surprising to many. that's because the mormon church considers same-sex marriage a serious transgression and while brigham young's honor code does not ban gay students, it for bodies all forms of physical
7:50 am
intimacy that -- even some of his relatives didn't know he was gay until this moment. >> four years ago it would have been impossible to imagine i would come out to my entire college. it is a phenomenal feeling. it is a victory for me in and of itself. >> reporter: in utah the debate has gradually shifted in recent years. each summer the state hosts love loud, a music festival to show support for lbgtq youth who are far more likely to attempt suicide than their straight peers. love loud was created by dan reynolds, a mormon and lead singer of the popular rock band imagine dragons. because of this event, you have heard from young people who have felt comfortable to come out to their family, right? >> i have heard story after story of a child who has come out to their family after love loud because they felt there was a safe place to do it. >> reporter: for matt easton
7:51 am
that safe place was on stage. >> i can promise your story is important and your place in this world invaluable. remember this. >> reporter: he hopes his speech helps others realize they are not alone. for "today," joe fryer, nbc news. >> took a lot of courage to do that in that setting. i imagine some of his family members didn't realize it, didn't know. >> he went on to say after the reaction started to pour in he felt solidarity and support, especially from the last group that i expected, from matt easton. ahead, one of the most romantic movie moments ever. i am getting chills looking at this. "say anything," do you get chills? no? >> we got something. >> the 30th anniversary of "say anything" with a special guest from the movie. and the latest live from windsor a some things are out of your control. like bedhead. hmmmm.
7:52 am
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♪ happening now... good tuesday morning. right now at 7:56, as you get ready to step out the door, it's nice and cool. we're starting to get more sunshine in the south bay. but still some lingering clouds in parts of the bay area. we're in the mid-50s. then we will see our temperatures trending into the upper 60s by early afternoon. eventually reaching 70 degrees today. low 70s for the inland areas. stays cool for the coast. san francisco reaching 62. and we are going to be in for a warming trend going into the end of the week with our highs in the mid to upper 70s. by the weekend, we'll get much more of the brisk ocean breeze bringing our temperatures down a few degrees even in the inland valleys. a chance of rain by sunday into early monday. san francisco staying in the 60s all throughout the week. a mix of sun and clouds. an update on the commute now
7:57 am
from mike. >> we have an alert. now getting into san francisco. bay bridge is jamming up approaching fremont street. now, i have a view of it on a really bad webcam. i see crews have just arrived first exit off the bay bridge. jammed up from treasure island. word is there is police activity and a crash. at least the left two lanes are blocked. that is a problem. they will likely slow the metering lights down. slowing completely separate through hayward. pretty typical. a few scattered crashes. back to you. thanks, mike. happening now, the wait is over for the start of the ghost chip warehouse fire criminal trial. opening statements are expected to start. it could last months. if convicted, the defendants could face nearly 40 years in prison. get the back story on our home page. tensions are boiling over in venezuela. opposition leader juan guaido claims he has the support of the
7:58 am
military. and nichololas maduro is callint a possible coup attempt. go to twitter for the latest updates. working to prevent anotr major wildfire! the tactic being used in sonoma county starting tomorrow in high risk areas. plus-- heading to a spring concert? our consumer unit will show you how to get a good seat at a fair price. join us tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7. new video this morning .. suggesting tensions have suggesting tensions have the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate.
7:59 am
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8:00 am
coming up, behind bars. a u.s. army veteran arrested after the fbi says he was plotting a terror attack at a california park. >> he was taken into custody after he took receipt of what he thought were pressure cooker bombs. >> this morning how authorities tracked him down. plus, what to expect when you are expecting royalty. with the world watching and waying, prince harry and meghan markle vowing to keep their birth plans private. we are live at windsor castle. and studio 1a goes hollywood. stars charlize theron and seth rogan are here live to talk about their new movie "long shot."
8:01 am
>> i should get to know you better, if you have a minute. >> i actually have seven. >> seven minutes in heaven. and honoring an '80s classic. "say anything" turns 30. ♪ in your eyes the light >> the look back that will have you looking for a boombox to hold up. today tuesday, april 30th, 2019. ♪ i'm a sucker for you >> good morning to my first graders in breckenridge, minnesota. >> from the university of arizona, bear down. >> today is my 65th birthday. woo! >> our kids camden and liam. >> we are watching "the today show" from crystal beach, texas! >> i'm 25 today. >> from portland, oregon. good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today" on this tuesday morning. that's right, jenna.
8:02 am
hold your boombox as high as possible because an american classic is turning 30 years old today. the movie "say anything," for a certain generation, this evokes memories, it evokes tears. jenna, your arms are getting tired. keep on lifting it up. you know who else is there? >> naomi sky from the movie. >> we are so thrilled to have her her and catch up. >> you haven't been able to contain yourself. >> i know, i love this movie so much. so many people talking about it. a moment in history. it's fun to look back. especially with one of the stars. lloyd dobler couldn't be here. let's get to the news at 8:00. the fbi says it has derailed a plot to set off bombs and cause mass casualties in southern california. the suspect they say a u.s. army veteran an alleged isis sympathizer. pete williams has the latest on
8:03 am
this. pete, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the fbi says he wanted to shoot police officers in their patrol cars or bomb an l.a. freeway or the santa monica pier before he settled on lob as a target. federal prosecutors say mark steven domingo, an army vet who served four months in afghanistan in 2012 came to the fbi's attention in early march when he wrote on an internet message group he wanted to retaliate for last month's shooting spree at mosques in new zealand. he ultimately decided to plan a white supremacist rally planned tore last weekend in long beach. he admitted he didn't know how to build a bomb. he was arrested when he accepted what he thought were working bombs, but they were actually duds made by somebody he thought was like minded but who was actually working for the fbi. >> all right. pete, thank you very much. the national transportation safety board is investigating monday's deadly crash of a tourist helicopter in suburban
8:04 am
honolulu. witnesses said they heard a loud bang then saw the chopper burning in the middle of the street. neighbors tried to put out the flames with garden hoses. all three people aboard that chopper were killed. no one on the ground was hurt. former vice president joe biden laid down a direct challenge to president trump during his first campaign rally of the 2020 race. biden appeared before a crowd of union workers in pittsburgh hoping to win back blue collar voters who supported trump in 2016. he urged them to choose truth over lies and called the president the only president who decided not to represent the whole country. >> i am going to change that so millionaires and billionaires don't pay lower taxes than firefighters, teachers of the country wasn't built by wall street, bankers, ceo, and hedge fund managers. it was built by you, by the great american middle class. >> president trump has responded. he said biden, quote, obviously doesn't know that pennsylvania
8:05 am
is having one of the best economic years in history. airline passengers have chosen a new favorite in the annual american customer satisfaction index. they ranked alaska airlines as their favorite. it's based on things like on-time arrivals, baggage handling, and cleanliness. jetblue was runner-up. southwest came in third. overall, passenger satisfaction is up slightly over last year. let's get a "morning boost." a 12-year-old girl got the birthday present of a lifetime. her mom took her on a mystery trip and let the flight attendant reveal the surprise. >> we have a very special guest on board, riley remington. she just turned 12 years old. she is on a surprise trip with her mom. she has no idea what's coming her way for this trip. tomorrow night riley is going to see her favorite singer pink in los angeles. and on friday night, as if that
8:06 am
wasn't enough, she is going to another concert, seeing sugar land. we hope this is the best birthday ever. we are happy to have you on board today. if you don't know who riley is, she is the one with beautiful bright pink hair in row 11. if you have a chance to wish her a happy birthday, that is really special today. happy birthday, riley. >> okay. first she had me laughing, now crying. that is so dear. as you can tell, those are her favorite performers. her mom giving her a surprise and trip of a lifetime. just adorable. >> mom of the year. >> yeah. >> so good to see she was genuinely thankful. just ahead, charlize and seth. the "long shot" stars, their new movie blending politics and love. keir is on royal baby watch. keir is on royal baby watch. there he is, windsor it's where rock meets roll.
8:07 am
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8:10 am
8:09. jenna joins us. our royal baby right here. thank you. we are waiting the royal baby. >> yes. >> very exciting. >> waiting with bated breath for the first sign that the littlest sussex has arrived. senior international correspondent keir simmons at his post, baby watch day two. keir, what's the word? >> reporter: still no baby, craig. we are almost in may. still no baby. good morning, craig. good morning, savannah. listen, you know, fans think that they might be on to something. we are going to show you how to do this. if you type some names into the palace website, the names arthur, james, or alexander, it looks like maybe they've reserved those pages, which has fans asking, could it be a boy? their affection for children has been unmistakable from the beginning. any day now harry and meghan will welcome their very own child into the world. but the big question here is when.
8:11 am
pomp and ceremony outside windsor castle this morning. the changing of the guard. but no news of any change to meghan's pregnancy. u.s. visitors to windsor castle hoping the royal baby arrives soon. >> i wish it would happen while we're here. >> it's going to be tomorrow. >> reporter: it's going to be tomorrow? >> yes, tomorrow at about moon. >> reporter: royal watchers hoping to learn the baby's gender and name thought they'd stumbled on a coincidence. type three names, arthur james and alexander into the royal url and the police website appears. any other names like, well, keir, for example, and the messa message "not found" comes up. it's speculation. a street voting booth, girl or boy, apparently even split. many here support their privacy. >> i love she is being guarded about it. i think just with all the kind of commotion around them, it's nice to get a bit of privacy.
8:12 am
>> reporter: everyone is going to have to wait. at this windsor tea store they have the thing for encouraging labor. now, is it true that tea can help a pregnant woman have a baby? >> this tea that we sell, that can help to induce the pregnancy. >> reporter: it helps induce? it's the raspberry that is the thing, is it? >> yeah. >> reporter: no inside knowledge. have you had any american very pregnant women come in in the past few days? >> i had a pregnant lady the other day. >> reporter: you did? >> yeah. >> reporter: was she called meghan? >> no. >> reporter: oh. any anxious looking redheaded guys come in and ask for tea? >> no. >> reporter: no? >> no, hopefully soon. >> reporter: please, please let the baby come soon because you don't hear this often from a correspondent, guys.
8:13 am
we are going to run out of things to talk about here. at least we know though that it's not going to be a prince keir. we also tried typing in princess savannah and prince craig. i can exclusively reveal that didn't work out. >> rats. >> yes. >> albert could be one of them. >> albert could be. >> keir, i thought there was a lot of -- >> reporter: albert is good. >> i thought there was talk that diana was the odds-on favorite? >> reporter: wouldn't that be great? i really think if it's a girl, and we don't know if it's a girl or boy, that they will be tempted to call her diana. it would be history coming full circle. i think a lot of people would love that, right? >> outside windsor castle, we'll be checking in over the next three weeks. >> he is not going to be leaving at all. thank you, keir. dylan is here. you have "popstart" for carson? >> yes. we have a very special "popstart" today.
8:14 am
this month marks 30 years since the release of "say anything." a heartwarming movie following the budding love between lloyd, played by john cusack, and dianne, played by ione skye. >> i need you. >> you do? >> everything else means nothing to me. if i hurt you again, i'll die. >> hurt me again? no chance. >> i love you. >> what? >> i love you. how many more times do i have to say it? >> one more time would be nice. >> the tribeca film festival is holding a special screening of the film tonight. >> well, here to tell us more and celebrate, ione skye who played dianne. good to see you. what do you think when you see the old clips? >> wow, what do i think? we reshot that scene a few times. i think i must have been doing
8:15 am
not a great job. but, yeah, i just think how cute john cusack was really. >> you are pretty cute, too. did you know when you were doing it that it was going to become this iconic movie that so many people feel connected to? >> i didn't know the boombox thing would be something, because you can't really predict that. i mean, i knew where i was. like it was atudio film and jim brooks and john cusack. i knew what was going on. i think halfway through everybody was like, wow, this is going to be amazing. >> what happened the last 30 years? i feel like movies like this don't exist the way they used to. i mean, they were formulaic, but they were so special. i don't know. they are so important to my growing up. you don't see that anymore. >> i know. it's very earnest and kind of simple. nowadays it's kind of a little more sophisticated. i don't know. >> there is not like snark in
8:16 am
these characters, but they are so appealing and kind of surprising and original. >> yeah, i know. i mean, cameron crow, he is just very earnest and passionate, but also very intelligent, and that mixture makes it kind of, you know, just like a classic kind of love story film. >> did you and john stay in touch after that? >> we did. yeah, every few years we would hang out. i mean, we really, really love each other. i mean really. >> i can speak for at least the three of us. i remember where i was when i watched that movie. when you think back for 30 years ago, what comes to mind? was it as fun as it looked? >> yeah, for sure. i was, yeah, i was kind of in heaven. yeah. i mean, for me that was, you know, i mean, i don't know if it was like the third thing i had done. it was exactly what i wanted to be doing. >> it was kind of a breakout moment? >> yeah. i had done an independent film
8:17 am
and, i don't know, i guess another studio picture, but i was just, for me it was so, i don't know, and cameron crow, the way i sort of met him. we kind of met through friends. i don't know. it was all perfect. >> sounds like it was all organic. >> it was. >> what do people say when they realize it's you? what do you hear most often about the movie and dianne court or lloyd? >> people relate to the characters because they are both unusual outcast characters. sometimes a man will say, i was dianne court or, you know, just i think having these out cast kind of characters people really related to them. it's nice to be in something that people who have seen the film feel so close to. >> what would be the boombox scene nowadays? >> that's a cool -- i don't know. i mean, because it's like a serenade. a modern contin-day serenade. it was a very clever serenade.
8:18 am
so i don't know. >> it would be like a bluetooth speaker. >> yeah. >> and talk about the tiburribe film festival. >> so every year they pick a film. usually it's "godfather," i don't know. i think they thought let's do something from the '90s. >> from the rom-com. >> bring out the rom-com. >> we are all about the rom-com. we have charlize and seth rogan over there. they have a new rom-com. make it as good as "say anything." did you guys love that movie? >> easy. >> right? >> did you love "say anything"? >> i do love "say anything." are you kidding me? taekwondo, sport of the future. >> he is literally saying anything. >> what a pleasure to catch up with you. thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> thanks for so many good memories. 8:18. mr. roker, a good time to check the forecast. >> i am surprised you didn't
8:19 am
start crying. >> i brought a tissue. i was close when she said "i love you," it kills me every time. >> love is not supposed to hurt. anyway, strong storms in the midsection of the country. snow back behind it and some wet weather exiting the northeast. but for today we have got 21 million people at risk from texas all the way into illinois for damaging winds, hail up to 2 inches, and strong tornados. tomorrow we have got 18 million people at risk for just about the same area. we are looking rainfall-wise from texas all the way into the upper midwest, about 3 to 4 inches of rain. but 5 to 7 inches possible. you can't shh seth rogan. don't try. and we are looking at very warm weather in the southeast, strong storms in the midsection of the country, snowy up >> good morning. i'm kari hall. we have a lot of clouds hanging over san francisco. some of our inland areas are starting to clear out, and that
8:20 am
will be the trend throughout the day. looking at sunshine and cool temperatures along the coast with 62 being the high in san francisco. 69 in napa. and in the inland areas, we're looking at highs in the low 70s. our breezy winds continue throughout today, and then we'll start a warming trend tomorrow with highs into the 70s. upper 70s by the end of the week and a cooldown on sunday. r late. and now to charlize theron and seth rogan, stars of the new fichl "long shot." charlize place the u.s. secretary of state with her sights set on the oval office. seth is a journalist hired to be a key member of her team. take a look. >> i need writers to punch up my speeches. i read your work and i really like it. >> wow. >> you mentioned you were between jobs. it's a really good fit. >> it's so nice of you to think of me at all with everything going on in your head. >> i look forward to working with you. >> thank you. >> seth, good morning. that was the morning show
8:21 am
approved clip right there. >> hard to find a clip that you can show at 8:20 in the morning. >> i am not surprised at you, seth. we have seen you in these settings before. charlize, this is a lil b audy for you. >> little did you know. >> i know, i know. i hit my 40s and became free. reckless. >> let's go. so seth didn't have to talk you into it? >> no. oh, my god, no. i have always been a huge fan. stop. >> it would be funny if you did this under duress. >> that would speak to your powers of persuasion. >> no, not at all. >> it's his body of work. >> my body, yes. >> my body body. >> your body body. >> yeah. seth, now, i hope i read this right. this project was with you, and you brought it to charlize, right? >> a long time ago. >> i am going to pick my leading lady and it will be charlize theron? >> that is what i said. anyone.
8:22 am
i threw a dart at a board. no. it was -- >> there are many, many people who would pick her. >> who wouldn't? it was a mutual picking of one another, i think. it was not as -- >> we did. >> it wasn't like that. i am a huge fan of hers. i thought she would be great for the film. and i also thought she could help make it better. over the last around five years we have been working on it together developing it and trying to turn it into something that we would both be really proud of and happy to wake up early and come and talk about. and we are. so thank god. >> we were just talking about the romantic comedy and the loss of the great romantic comedy. obviously, it completely hinges on the chemistry? >> yes. >> when you first met to talk about it, did you know, okay, th this is going to work? >> we did click. we wanted to make the same movie. all of those things are very important as you are developing something, knowing that you are on the same road. and you are not struggling with
8:23 am
outside forces like the creative thing is a back and forth, but at least there is not -- like we had the exact same taste when it came to what we wanted this to feel like. i mean, we both loved a lot of like romantic comedies from the '80s. movies we grew up with. and then there has been a lack of them for the last couple of years, like the last decade. so we know they are hard to make. they are hard to make really good. it's a tall order to get everything just balanced, funny enough, romantic enough. but i felt like with this guy i was in good hands. i felt like somehow it would work with him. >> it has that harry met sally feel in the sense of, i mean, not that you are totally unattainable, but kind of unattainable. seth, you fall in love with and you see and realize what the qualities are that attracted you. is he getting a big ego? >> yes, exactly. we really wanted to make sure that -- i actually think, like,
8:24 am
if we did our work in the writing, they should seem like a couple that you not only believe would get together, you are hoping would get together, and that, i think, is when you watch the movie, you know, as bizarre as it seems that we would be together, i think it actually seems, again, not only like we would be together, but that we should be and i think that, you know, is really what we were trying to do, and it doesn't seem that we are nearly as mismatched as you would assume, i think. yeah. >> yeah, it's called "the slo long-shot." i guess long-shot relationship. have you ever had a long-shot where you thought this didn't seem like it would work out, but it did? >> for me, for sure, it was leaving home at 16. and you know, leaving south africa and not having an idea of what i was going to do or if i was going to ever even be able to do what i thought i would
8:25 am
like to do. and when i think back on that now, yeah, that was somewhat naive and crazy, but i'm so grateful that it happened. but it could have gone so wrong. >> it does seem like -- sometimes i think about this, i think, the things i did back then, the risks i took, i would never have the guts now to do them! >> yeah. >> i'm so glad i was kind of young and dumb and just went for it. >> yes, exactly. yeah. >> what about you, seth? >> yeah, i dropped out of high school, and that wasn't -- i was going to fail anyway, so that wasn't that bold a decision. and i moved to l.a. when i was 16 also, which there wasn't a long line of canadian, chubby comedians out there. so i guess, that was kind of a long-shot, ultimately. but i think it worked. yeah, i mean, i'm glad i did it. ultimately, yeah. i think bet on yourself, people. >> yeah. >> yeah. how's that for a moral? >> i like it. >> i hate this angle you keep using of the back of my head -- >> why?
8:26 am
>> because it really -- go back to the shot over my shoulder onto her -- >> that one? >> yes. that's perfect. that's great. >> wait, you like that? oh -- nobody would ever notice that. >> it's everyone's dream angle.. i )m ... we )re getting our first look inside a new grocery store all about the good angles. good morning. i'm laura garcia. our first look inside a new grocery store opening soon in the east bay. it hopes to provide food for the area. the goal is to provide affordable access to fresh food in an area often referred to as a food desert. the store will be open seven days a week and also available for community events. the soft opening should happen some time before may 15th. let's check the morning commute. there's some trouble out there. >> sky ranger over the bay bridge. you see the flatbed tow truck.
8:27 am
a number of chp officers as well. a few issues as far as medical being taken care of. the injury crash involving this motorcycle. still blocks the left three lanes. into san francisco, take a look at the map and the jam coming off the bay bridge from treasure island right where the lanes split. that's where that crash is loengts located. it's jammed up from treasure island. slowed down causing more congestion out of the maze. we saw the activity there. hopefully they'll get the lanes closed quickly. >> thank you very much. another local news update for you in about a half an hour. see you then.
8:28 am
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8:30 on a tuesday morning, april 30th, 2019. the rolling spring break, that crowd may be over, but we have a large energetic crowd. and look at this little guy. how about that? six months old? >> yes. >> what's her name? >> miller kate. >> miller kate. thanks for coming by, miller kate. wow. >> i love her little knit -- >> you know what, craig? that was a little preview, because i was looking for a jenna in the audience. is that your name? >> that's me. >> is this your daughter miller? >> what are the chances?
8:31 am
we just found our crowd moment. >> the cutest baby on the plaza. >> is miller a today show fan? >> she is. or a pacifier fan. both. >> you crow shacheted this? >> yes. >> it took an embarrassingly long time. >> miller, do you have anything to say? >> she took the binkie out. >> thanks for coming out. >> they took make those shorts in the nbc store. you didn't have to go through all the work. >> not like this. >> yes. >> that's gorgeous. >> pretty great. happy birthday, miller. six months. >> we have a quote from her. >> happy birthday? >> i love her. so cute. coming up, guys, if you are still searching for the perfect mother's day present we are going to reveal a hot list of gift ideas selected by our good friends at >> and we have got more of our best of broadway week. this morning the show that won
8:32 am
the first ever tony for best musical back in 1949. these guys look amazing. incredible. it's "kiss me, kate." we're thrilled to have kelly o'hara with the cast ready to perform live. >> and peek speaking of broadway, on the third hour of today al gets a special tour of a must-see attraction for "hamilton" fans from the hit show's creator lin-manuel miranda. >> did he ask about us? >> did he wonder how we were doing? >> absolutely, he did. it was great. he just kept asking about you all. >> so cool. >> thank you, al. that's on the third hour of "today." plus, our buddy up where we're driving a stick shift. >> al loses his mind. >> just going to say, because it's an insult to little girls, craig squeals like a little girl. >> you would squeal, too, if al roker decides to do 75 miles per hour in a parking lot.
8:33 am
>> more on that in a pbit. your weather. what did you say? yeah. craig's a baby? yes. >> ooh! >> let's show you what's going on for today. very warm in the southeast. we are looking for severe storms in the midsection of the country. snowy weather through the rockies. and then for tomorrow those severe storms kind of stay where they are. snow diminishes in the rockies, very schocool and wet in the northeast, sunshine >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it's going to be a nice day across the bay area. still kind of breezy, but our skies will be clearing. we're heading up to 70 degrees in san jose. 71 in antioch. and 69 today in napa. in our forecast, we're looking at some warmer temperatures going throughout the rest of the week. in the upper 70s inland as we get closer to friday. and then the weekend, it will be cooling off. a chance of showers in the forecast late sunday evening into early monday morning. we'll be watching out for that.
8:34 am
>> like to leave my audiences rifted. nice to see you, mfrmg.k. coming up, we are going to talk to a best-selling author about hard things everyone should learn to say to deepen your relationships. one thing i am going to start today, kelly
8:35 am
8:36 am
we're back with $1 million question, what are the hardest and most powerful things we say to one another? >> that's right. this spirited debate at a dinner table of "new york times" best-selling author kelly corrigan inspired "tell me more," about the essential phrases that turn the wheel of life. she is here to tell us more about them, how they can really change our relationships for the better. you have already got us talking and thinking this morning. tell us about this dinner table conversation that hatched this
8:37 am
book. >> yeah. well, you know, i did treatment for a couple of years for cancer in my 30s. right after i got better my friend got very sick and she didn't get better. when you watch somebody go through that, when you watch somebody fight so hard to be here every day, it makes you wonder. do i deserve to be here? do i deserve my life? it makes it crystal clear there is only one thing that matters, which is your relationships with other people. so if that's true, which of course it is, we know that, then what do we have to be able to say to each other to be in relationships and stay in relationships. that sparked this question. what are the hardest words that mean so much. >> our favorite advice is also the cover of your book, the title, which is "tell me more." so many times we want to fix things. >> yeah. >> you say that listening, people just want to feel heard? >> so i was recognizing in myself this terrible kind of game show tendency where
8:38 am
somebody would come to me with a problem, a kid or my muss would have a bad day and i would wian to buzz in, i can solve that, fix that problem. that's not really what they are coming to you for. they are coming to be heard and to be understood, and it's -- i think there is like conviction addiction. i think it's so satisfying to be sure, but it's also not that true very often. >> you have this great anecdote in the book. the book is full of stories that illustrate these points. you talked about going to get a facial. it was this facialist who taught you about this because she just heard you? >> she was getting to that part at the end where she wants to tell me what to buy so i can like fix this whole situation and i said, before you go -- she said, no, tell me. i am not great with healthy habits. i don't exercise which means i don't sweat and i don't shower and i am sort of cheap. i use my husband's head and shoulders and his bar of old spice on my face.
8:39 am
she said, go on, what else? i said my forehead is making me crazy. it's like an eight-lane highway. she said you know what you need? bangs. and i was like, that person understands me. i feel totally heard. >> she drew you out. >> and these three words can be used with parenting, too, which is something savannah and i have been talking about. >> >> and at work and management. great salespeople say tell me more. >> i don't want to run out of time and get to the next two. the next phrase that people find hard to say, i don't know. but that is really powerful for human connection? >> it is. and also, you know, a huge part of growing up is accepting how much of life is unknowable. why didn't i make the team? why did the guy break up with me? why did my friend have a baby when people get pregnant by accident every day. what causes depression? like these things are hard to
8:40 am
know, and it's essential to us to develop some kind of tolerance for uncertainty so we can be in our lives as they are instead of always like kind of going to war with reality. and i think about presidential elections and what a thrill it would be if someone were to pummel a candidate with like, what are you going to do about yemen? and they say, i don't know yet. i would like to study it, bring this group of people together, read these reports and come up with a point of view. i would follow that person anywhere. >> that's good advice. i hope somebody is listening. the next three words that are hard to say "i was wrong". >> and you have a beautiful time warner in the book about your grandma. >> so i was a 24-year-old hell bent on being a good person. i worked for united way, reading seven habits of highly effective people, i had a personal mission statement. i was committed to living a good
8:41 am
life and being a good person. also with ten minutes for my grandmother, my dad's mom. my dad who i loved beyond measure. and i went to see her once in two years. and when she died, my dad said, you should have gone to see your grandmother more. i remember being so flooded with regret and shame and saying i'm sorry, i'm sorry, and he had to go. i had to plan a funeral and reception. at the end of that long week i said, i was wrong. i was wrong. i should have tried to do something to make her final days better. and he just hugged me and said, i'm so happy that you understand. it's important to understand. and that's why i think i was wrong is so powerful. what you are sort of saying is i agree with your world view. i sort of agree with your definition of right and wrong. >> people are afraid to say those words. in your story zwooirkts joengts
8:42 am
a release. you say there is a difference between "i was wrong" and "i'm sorry." you say there is a distinction? >> "i'm sorry" is overused and poorly used and followed by" you." you feel that way. or "but" which is never the way the sentence should go. there is not as much humility baked into i am sorry. i want these uncomfortable feelings to be over as fast as possible. i'm wrong to me says i have sat with, evaluated it and agreed with you. i was wrong. >> we need more time for coffee. >> this book is packed with wisdom and really touching stories. thank you so much. i want to mention you talked about your liz who is the heartbeat of this story. she passed away. this book is dedicated to her. one of the chapters is a moving letter to her on the strength of family and their new life now.
8:43 am
it's a beautiful tribute. we have an expert on kelly, thank you. >> sure. i'll see you guys on tour. >> yes, absolutely. >> we send it over to craig. just ahead, the "today" hot list. one-stop-shopping for all of your mother's day gifts. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
a friendly reminder, mother's day around the corner. if you are struggling to find the perfect gift the editors at have come to the rescue. the hot list features some of the best products over the internet. some of the highlights. some of these really cool? >> yeah. >> let's start with this one. >> all right. so here is our hot list. >> i love the vanna white approach. >> we surveyed moms, talked to industry experts. moms need more time and want gifts that mean something. this is a way to hit two birds
8:46 am
with one stone. it's a really simple journal. it does five years. so basically you have this for five years. a good gift for a new mom. you only have to write one sentence a day and it prompts you with an easy question. instead of making a photo book or memory book, jot down one sentence a day. you have a nice meaningful memory book. >> how much? >> it's like $12.97. >> reasonable, too. >> yeah. >> hot list item number two? >> i love these. >> these are cool. >> yeah, these are beautiful. >> pop up cards. >> mother's day cards. they are like a work of art. there are $13. it's really something that lasts a long time. you could display in your home and write a nice message inside. really beautiful. good for a grandmother. cool personalized options. >> all right. number three? >> i love these. >> we were talking about this before the segment. i like them. they are pricey. >> i love them. yeah, this is like the last mug
8:47 am
you will ever have to buy. think about it this way. it's $36. they are handmade. and they really honestly sell out in minutes. sometimes they sell out in 20 minutes. so you want to get these quick if you want one. go check out right now. they are going to go fast. these are beautiful handmade mugs. >> handmade from clay from north carolina, right? >> yeah, they are lovely. >> that makes it more special, i guess. a lot of the celebs are wearing these? >> a bobble bar ring. >> a what? >> bobble bar is this affordable jewelry line. they came out with this ring and it sold out in three days. they had a waiting list of like 10,000 people. they have come back with new options. they have skinny ones. there are stackables. you can get them in different sizes, different colors. these start at $44. you can mix and match. if you get two, i think they are 20% off. >> this is my favorite. >> this is a unique gift. this is called the love box.
8:48 am
and what you do is you send this to someone -- good for a grandmother, someone who isn't too tech-savvy. you send a message to your phone. if you have a bunch of grandkids, sync it to the same. basically, it's spinning. it means i left you a message. >> you left me a message? >> yeah. >> all right. i take the top off. oh, it says happy mother's day. it's so cool. and my kids would really get into that. >> very unique, yeah. >> how much is this one? >> $100. it's a unique gift. you could split it with a bunch of people. this is a big trend for moms, personalized jewelry. every mom loves their kids' names. we have, you know, we send this one to hoda, haley and hope. we have cybill for you. >> that's nice. >> you can mix and match, layer different colors, materials, write their names in different scripts. there is a wide variety. >> here is the thing. i imagine you have to get on it right now? >> you have about a week. you are going to want to get
8:49 am
moving. these are very, very popular. we heard this from so many moms we talked to. they are super comfortable. meghan markle has been spotted wearing these. >> the princess. >> yeah. they have come out with a new line. this is the current spring line of colors. they are actually made from recycled water bottles. and last one. this is a super popular carry-on, a luggage bag. it's really nice. we are seeing this all over the place. you can't go anywhere in new york without seeing this. >> how much on this one? >> $185. th they come in different sizes and color, a special weekend bag. >> thank you. thank you for helping my mother's day shopping. to find out about these products up next, the best of broadway. a live performance from the cast of "kiss me, kate." first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
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>> announcer: the citi concert
8:52 am
series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> this morning on our best of broadway series, "kiss me, kate." the story of a cast putting together a musical version of shakespeare's the taming of the shrew. conflict between the director, producer and star and leading lady, his ex-wife played by this woman right here, kelly o'hara. good morning. >> nice to see you. >> such an iconic musical. i have to say we have a little breaking news this morning because "kiss me, kate" was just nominated for a tony for best revival on broadway. and you, miss o'hara, were nominated for best lead actress. congratulations! >> thank you so much. >> how does it feel? this is your seventh nomination. >> it never gets old. >> i know. you love them all equally, right? >> equally. >> this is a legendary production. what's it been like to bring it back, something so beloved? >> we bring it back to pay
8:53 am
homage to that beautiful score, that great book. we made some changes. you do a revival to update it a little and make it for today. >> you can own it. i mean, the nominations are still pouring in. i heard best or cogfy, so how about this? you perform. we will collect nominations and report back at the end. what song? >> too darn hot and you will never see anything like it. >> congratulations. ♪ it's too darn hot ♪ i'd like to stop for my baby tonight ♪ ♪ with my baby tonight ♪ i'd like to stop for my baby tonight ♪ ♪ and my time with my baby
8:54 am
tonight ♪ ♪ man, it's hot. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪ i see you ladies ♪ hey ♪ ♪ let's go ♪ ♪ ♪
8:56 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ man it's hot ♪good morning, it )s 8:56... i )m - -... we )re following breaking news n the bay bridge. a very good morning to you. it's 8:56. i'm laura garcia. we're following breaking news on the bay bridge. a motorcycle rider fleeing a chp officer crashed and died this morning. it happened near the fremont street exit in san francisco. new video in from nbc bay area skyranger. the crash initially blocked
8:57 am
three lanes of westbound traffic on the bay bridge. one of those lanes has since reopened. it's not clear when the other two lanes will reopen. happening now, the ghost ship warehouse fire criminal trial is starting. opening statements expected to begin this morning after the judge seated jurors yesterday. nine women and three men. if convicted, they could face up to 39 years behind bars. rob redell is at the white hoth and will join us with more. juan guaido claims he has the support of the military and the government backed by president nicolas maduro and is calling it a coup attempt. head to our twitter feed for the latest updates. and san jose leaders debating a crackdown on side shows. watching a side show would become a misdemeanor. working tor
8:58 am
major wildfire! the tactic being used in sonoma county starting tomorrow in high risk areas. plus-- heading to a spring concert? our consumer unit will show you how to get a good seat at a fair price. join us tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7. new video this morning .. suggesting tensions have
8:59 am
ali landry is in studio. >> plus, julian lennon is here for a rare interview. it's all happening on "california live."
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> good tuesday morning, everyone. welcome to the third hour of "today." craig, sheinelle, dylan, al. >> i get the last name. >> a big loss for hollywood. a big loss for the culture in general. groundbreaking director, john singleton, he died yesterday, just 51 years old. he suffered a massive stroke a couple of weeks ago. in 1991, his debut film right out of the box, "boyz n the hood"


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